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neck pain

for the past few weeks I have had neck pain where my spine is located. I have also had pain in both arms from the shoulder to the elbow, but more so in the right arm. I also have pain at the top of my right leg. It hurts more when I first stand, but lessens as I walk. The pain in my neck is constant...its like a stiff neck. The arm sometimes has shooting pain, but mostly when I turn it a certain way.I also have slight pain in my lower back and sides but nothing like the other pain. I have not changed mattress,pillows or my sleeping habits. I've done nothing to injure myself that I am aware

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What's causing this pain?

What is your Doctor's diagnosis, have they done anything for you besides the botox shots, did they help at all? Have you had any type of imaging tests done? If you haven't, you really need to have some x-rays or better yet, an MRI done. From what you said, it sounds like you should probably have the whole spine done. Once the problems are identified, a treatment plan can be formulated and you can be on your way to feeling better.
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Neck pain with CCI sorry you are dealing with this long since you had the traction? I think I shared this with you before.....can't remember, but I too have CCI and was told I would need to have a fusion at some point....I am lucky and happy to say so far I have not had to have it done...and I truly believe that the neck exercises I did post op helped me avoid up to now and I pray continues to be avoided..... I did not have the traction as I wanted to wait until after I healed from the PFD first and I had my daughter's wedding a year I kept busy with all things related to the wedding and doing my exercises and again am lucky to say I have not had to move forward with treatment.
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how to treat severe neck and shoulder pain

There can be a cure for some people, depending how the surgery comes out. Probably you'll need surgery to relieve the nerve pressure, by fusing that level. Surgery should be a last resort, after minimally invasive treatment have been exhausted. Time is your best friend, but after 2 years this should be addressed. Click on my name and read my profile, I woke up in 1984 describing the same thing. Don't let this scare you, surgeries have improved allot the last ten years. I was a electrician and that didn't help matters hopefully you don't have physical work, that exacerbates the problem. This can be serious meaning that this is a chronic problem that may have to dealt with forever.   If your MRI is 2 years old you should get a new one, to see if any changes or further degeneration has occurred. What therapies have you tried and what have you done about this for the last 2 years? The 40 lbs probably isn't a problem in the neck unless you low back problems also, but can really help if you could loose some of it. I'm skinny and wonder if being skinny isn't part of the problem because of no meat and muscles around my bones. Some therapies that can help are Cold laser treatments, spinal decompression, injections. Please be aggressive in this, every time I hear somebody say they woke up like this gives me concern. Rupturing disc are not uncommon while sleeping. Keep the forum updated.
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Pain IN front of neck and feeling tigness round neck

I should get this checked out as soon as possible as it could be angina, which can cause neck and throat pain. Chances are it is just pulled muscles, though - but I wouldn't take any chances!
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continued neck pain after operation

I had c4 through t1 fused in April. I still  have pain mostly at the top fusion at the c3/4 level with problems swallowing. I take a combo of hydrocodone, soma and valium. The combo helps alot and allows me to function. You should prob have some follow up mri/xrays to make sure everything is healing properly. Fusion never rids the pain 100 percent but mostly keeps the site from worsening while relieving the "pinched" nerves. Weather can have an impact also rainy or cold days are the worst for me!
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