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sleeping in the floor

Right now I am 12 wks and I'm 20 yrs old and I have been sleeping in the floor for the past 6 months when I found out I was pregnant wad suppose to get at least an air matters 3 months later in still the floor and I wake up with back pain and my neck ready to fly off my head wat can I do until I get enough money to get air matress is this bad for my baby?

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3 year old sleeping on the this ok?

I say if she seems content on the floor let her do it - I would even invest in a sleeping bag for her and make it really fun.   My 8 yr old will come into our room every so often and make a little bed on the floor next to our bed and is just fine.   I say if your daughter is ok with it - Then you should be too.   Does she go to daycare or anything where they take naps on the floor???  I say don't worry :o)
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Sleep Problems

I don't know but it doesn't seem to make much sense to allow them to sleep on your floor.  I don't expect they would sleep very well on the floor either. I don't really understand the situation and I don't want to offer bad advice. This forum expert, Dr Greenberg, will be better able to advise.
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2 year old only wants to sleep on the floor

Is she sleep walking? I was a sleep walker and I often ended up in the same place every morning. As a young child I would often sleep under the table so I didnt miss any thing. I wanted to be awaken if any thing was going on. One last thing I would sleep under my bed at time cause I thought if I was there the boggy man coulnt fit under there. Many things to look at. I would say let it be for the most part or try sleeping with her in her bed.
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i dno if its addiction but i must b crazy

Sounds like a drug interaction. I knew people who would do those exact things on Ambien. Are you taking anything??
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sleeping on the floor

just something hes found he can do , has the toddler bed got sides to it, hew may like climbing over ?
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wakes up scared

This one has me stumped! The fact that this apparently only happens when he lays flat makes me wonder if it isn't some kind of inner ear problem? Has he tried sleeping in his recliner at night to see if that helps? It does sound like laying flat causes some disorientation, and that would cause some concern for me. You could try having him sleep in the recliner for a few nights, or you could try elevating the head of his bed at least 30 degrees. If neither of those things brings any relief, I would say it's time to get your dad to the doctor for a good physical. Let us know how things work out, OK? Peace Greenlydia  
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sleeping in the floor

Hi there! The type of mattress is irrelevant to the health of the baby. One should ideally choose a comfortable firm mattress (neither too soft nor too hard) for appropriate posturing. Floor would be too hard and an air mattress to soft to adjust to body contours. I would suggest using your regular mattress till you find a suitable type. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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91/2 yr old son wont sleep in his bed

My nine-year old daughter has always slept with me. She gets a better sleep and so do I. If she wakes up with a nightmare she goes right back to sleep because I am right there beside her and I don't have to get out of bed. I think it's just natural for most kids to not be able to sleep alone. Don't worry about pressure from other people. They don't have your child.
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what worked for me

Great that you have found the same thing that worked for me. I just worry for you that there is a yet to be discovered underlying problem, maybe an old injury in the thoracic area like mine that has caused this problem in the first place. I did previously have sleeping issues for a few years, waking with excruxiating radial pain after  4-6 hours sleep. Problem is all but gone at present. After the 1st ever therapy session with my Mongolian back doctor, he said I have a hardest tendons adjacent the spine he had ever felt and concluded after 6 weeks I had a lot of dead blood cells & scar tissue under my skin. It took him about 3 months/3 times a week to grind all the lumps out with his elbow. It sounded terrible & felt like gravel at first. I would grit my teeth and take the pain for that 10 min period each session.   He said the dead cell tissue blocks the 'streams' of blood flowing up & down the spine/back. The reason why the pain symptoms disappear after a hot shower in mornings were obvious to him. The hot water helps loosen it all up and flow again. I have also found sleeping in the 'V' between 2x hot water bottles quite pleasant. Swimming is the other thing that helped me alot. If you find the pain free 'time period' gets less and less, get a MRI of thoracic area.
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