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Arm pain related to back problems?

My husband has constant pain down his arms - it is not tendonitis. He has had it for several years now and done all sorts of treatments - injections of blood into his arms, cortizone into his arms, chinese remedies, massage for his back, chiro. Nothing shows up on arm xrays or ultrasounds. He has now had a back xray done and they believe that 3 or 5 of his vertebrae were fractured and healed together wrong, causing pain up into his neck and down his arms. Where does he go from here? He doesn't want any surgery, what are any of the options.

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Pain and little lumps under skin in upper arms

Are the lumps near joints?  Have you seen a doctor about them?  If not, I think you should.
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Arm pain related to back problems?

An MRI would be the next step, are the vertebra that are fractured in his neck or in his back? The reason I ask is because the nerves that go into the arms originate in the neck? Was he in some kind of accident, does he have back pain?
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Lump across spine.

Hello and Welcome to our community. I am sorry to read about your concerning "lump."  I am certain that you know you have done the right thing by consulting your physician. I am glad that the "lump" is not painful to touch but the other SX (symptoms) you describe may be related to it. They may not be. I would hate to guess what this might be. It could be a lipoma (which is just a fatty tumor). Don't be alarmed by the word tumor,  they're benign, which means they aren't cancerous. I have several of them - though they are not large. It could be some type of cyst. It could be muscle related. Again only your PCP will have the right answers for you.Try not to worry (easy to say) - until and IF you have something to worry about. Even than remember that Worry is like a Rocking Chair - though you're moving - it'll get you know where. Please let us know what you discover. I'll watch with interest for your update. If you have more questions or you just want to vent or chat, we're here. I hope you'll be active in our community. Best of Luck, ~Tuck
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Brain slumping

  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. It is possible to have brain slump and feel many of the symptoms you had b4 surgery.....many of what you described.... Cerebal ptosis or brain slump occurs when the NS takes away too much bone from C1 and C2....this makes the area too large.....and slumping occurs which can put pressure onto the brain stem. Dr B who already has some of your info is a good choice, as are some of the other NS's at TCI, or Dr Oro, Dr Henderson....there are a number of top Chiari is up to you whom  you feel more confident and comfortable with and who your INS will work with and last where you can get to logistically..... For any one with Chiari...regardless of brain slump....if they develop breathing difficulties or drop attacks those are of a more serious nature as well as breathing if you have any of those go to your local ER...and find a new NS to help if you do have cerebral ptosis. Everyone has different INS, so to find out if yours offers the help you mentioned , you will have to call your provider to find out....but I have heard of some that did get home care...
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What can I do?

So sorry things are being so difficult and you are feeling so horrible.  If you have a good PCP you may just be able to talk her into the MRI's of the spine.  It took me a while to get those done.  I was living on ibuprofen for a while because of back and neck pain and doing my daily PT exercises.  It was not fun and did not seem to help at all.  I had been trying to treat things one at a time for so long that it had never occurred to me it could be all one issue.  Even with surgery it will hopefully  make some things better but it is not a magic cure.  I would have a good chat with your  PCP and see if she can do anything for any of the symptoms.  I had so much jaw and neck pain that they had given me pain meds, I did not take them much but at least on a day I wanted to be able to play with my kids I could get a few better hours and as long as I was not taking more than one a week they were fine with that.  I had LOTS of chiari cough headaches so doing anything was terrible.  I could not bend over or even laugh.  Maybe trying to treat the worst symptoms until you get to a specialist may help.  It is not a helpful answer but there really is not much you can do.  I hope you can find answers quickly.  I have used a ton of those back pads too, my nerve pain seems to be the middle of my back also.  No damage to the disks, just nerve related. It stinks because no matter how much I exercise it does not help.  My back kills me when I lay down so sleeping for me is terrible.  Good luck!  
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Am I having anxiety, or real heart problems?

Ur deffenatly having some anxiety , altho I am new to this I don't think it can lead to heart problems I'm sure of this although it gives those symptoms of having a heart attack hang  in there and dont worry so much about your results
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Pinched Nerve?

Hi there! Pin in the back and neck could be caused due to a number of reasons such as postural issues, spinal causes such as degenerations, inflammations; neuro-muscular causes, growths/ masses, referred pain from other regions etc; while breast pain is more likely due to local issues in the breast itself. It would be best to get this evaluated by an internist for an evaluation. After a cause is identified it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought. Hope this helps. Take care!
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Anxiety Or Heart Problems?

Hi NaLa, if you can afford it, would be good to go to a GP and have and EKG to start with. The doctor visit would be around $70 and might include the EKG. Maybe tell the doctor that you would like to make payments as really need some personal attention with this matter. Im sure one doctor will see you about this. I would also feel somewhat comfortable with the ER results. If  you had some real problem they would admit you. So just relax.
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