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Severe pain in my right trap and nausea with jogging even for less than a minute

I had a C5-C6 disk replacement a couple months ago and am doing physical therapy. I have no problem with normal muscle strengthening with light resistant bands or free weight even my own body weight. The problem is when i try to jog I get severe pain in my right trapezius and neck and then I feel nauseous. I have tried to just hold my arms down by my sides instead of swinging them and this still happens. I can do most other forms of cardio and have never had this problem prior to my neck injury. What could be causing this? I was hoping the disk replacement would make this pain go away, I love

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Severe pain in my right trap and nausea with jogging even for less than a minute

Hi there! Well, it would be difficult o comment on the situation without knowing the relevant clinical details or a detailed clinical evaluation, though if the symptoms are intermittent and just present with exercise, these are less likely to be related to nerve compression and more likely to be due to muscular causes. I would suggest continuing with physiotherapy and see if you notice any improvement in the next 4-8 weeks. If the symptoms continue, you may seek a review with your treating doctor. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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graft rejection

I wouldn't think a rejection would happen almost 2 years later. I suppose it's possible though. Has your doctors said what they think it might be?
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Leg Pain

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with your arthritis - I, too, have severe osteo arthritis in all my joints, but most severe in my knees, ankles and right shoulder (I've already had that shoulder replaced). I do get the pain in my lower legs and the burning/aching feeling.  I believe, and so does my doctor (because they haven't determined anything else that is causing it) it's because, as a result of the arthritis, my gait has been involuntarily adjusted - you basically unconsiously change the way you're walking because of the pain/instability in your knee/s and that puts additional stress on other parts of your legs/hips/back, etc. the lack of strength is also something I have.  My doctor explained it to me the reason that this happens is because your joints are bone on bone and it hurts to walk/move, your muscles actually work harder to do the same job they used to do very easily, so therefore they get tired and weak much easier and don't have the chance to recouperate. Have you tried either cortisone injections in the knee or even the Synvisc or Euflexxa injections?  The cortisone might help reduce some of the inflammation and therefore, possibly reduce some of the pain.  The Synvisc or Euflexxa injections are injections of a naturally occuring substance that is found in our joints (hyleroinc acid I believe it's called) - it helps cushion the joint and therefore might help with the pain.  However, both of these types of injections are temporary helps, if they even work.  I've had both cortisone injections and the Euflexxa (I couldn't do Synvisc because it's an avian derivative and I'm allergic to feathers - the Euflexxa is the same type of medication but is made from non-avian things).  The cortisone helped me slightly for about a week - the Euflexxa I noticed absolutely no difference with. Unfortunately, the only permanent help for osteo arthritis pain, especially when it's at the point of bone on bone, is joint replacement.  As I said, I've aleady had my right shoulder replaced and have been told that I definitely need to have both knees done, but my doctor and I are TRYING to postpone doing those as long as possible because I'm only 46 and because I'm considered a "younger" patient, I more than likely would have to have them redone at a later time.  So we're hoping to wait and do them later on when I have a better chance of the initial surgery being the only ones I'll need. I agree that living in pain like this is no way to live.  Try to do as much as you can to alleviate some of your pain, including using aids such as a walker or cane to give you some additional support, resting with your legs elevated whenever posible (helps keep swelling down), ice or heat (whichever works best for you - ice will tend to reduce swelling better, but for me, I find that ice tends to make my pain worse, so I use heat more often).  Even possibly check with your doctor about getting some kind of brace/support that you could wear to give you more support/stability.  You very well may find that the better you're able to support your knee, the better your lower leg will feel also. Best of luck and please keep us informed as to how you're doing.
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high BP with other issues

Don't feel bad at all. All of us here are or have been in similar situations. You have enough going on in your life right now, that need your undivided attention. I suspect you have: A. Seronegative arthritis with low grade underlying infectious condition. possibly pathogenic mycoplasma and/or one of its coinfections (borrelia, bartonella, ehrlichia, babesia...) Very challenging to detect and to treat. For more details search here under Dr. Garth Nicolson, a part-time expert contributor at Medhelp and the world's leading medical scientist in this field. B. Magnesium deficiency. I highly recommend for best delivery and absorption transdermal magnesium oil. Just look it up. C. High Tartaric acid levels. A simple urine test will verify this. It's a malic acid antagonist, so to correct this raw organic apple cider vinegar (which is the best food source of malic acid) 1T before meals is recommended. Tartaric acid is a tissue toxin. Also a low carb diet will help as tartaric acid feeds of yeast metabolites which in turn need carbs (sugars to grow). 4. Low nitric oxide (NO) levels. NO has vasodilating properties and helps control HBP Mouth breathing is one of the causes for low NO levels.. To verify just do the watermelon challenge. Blend a piece of watermelon including the white and green rind and either use it in your smoothie or just take it straight. Try this for a week and monitor your BP, specially shortly after taking the watermelon as it works rather fast. Also: Your thyroid function should be properly checked. To completely rule out low thyroid function including type 2 (thyroid resistance) you need Free T3, Free T4 AND Reverse T3. Low thyroid function does not let your body heal at the cellular level. Healing has do with specific electrical voltage for each condition/imbalance within the cells, so when thyroid function is low or sub-optimal the process  of healing and repair is greatly compromized. I hope this helps, however, please note that my comments and suggestions are not intended as a replacement for medical advice. Best wishes. Niko
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Help me please!!

This is a patient forum. We are not docs - we can guess, suggest and guide - but you have to see a doctor or doctors for real help. With fainting spells, have you seen a doctor - like a cardiologist or an endocrinologist? It can be cardiac, ear (like vertigo) or endocrine with abnormalities in hormones that can interfere with potassium and sodium, among other things. Fatigue is a funny symptom in that it can be related to a lot of things - some can be simple to fix like vitamins - others hormones or neurological issues - so you have to really get a good exam and history and sets of tests. Have you had any testing?
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