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pain in back, neck, and hips after cervical fusion

I had a cervical fusion in 2011 on C5/6 and C6/7.  My pain is much worse now.  I have stabbing pain between my shoulder blades and my lower back hurts constantly. I also am experiencing daily headaches and feel very dizzy when I twist my head or body just a little. I have been for a second opinion, but the doctor didn't seem to care and said he could find nothing wrong.  This was after having an MRI, nerve induction, and CT myelogram.  There is definitely something wrong as I am in constant pain.  Does anyone know of a doctor who will actua

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Lower back and hip pain

  Hi....I too have issues sleeping on my side with hip and shoulder pains...and while in the hospital the nurses showed me how to sleep part on my back and part on my side that took that excess weight off my hips and shoulders.... I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder that affects all my joints, they pop in and out of joint, so sleeping on them really hurts. SO u take a body pillow or a xtra blanket and roll it up and tape it...then place it in the it is where ur back will be...when u lay down, u lay flat leaning onto this along the one side of u and slowly turn to the side...this roll/pillow will hold up part of u so all of it will not be on ur side...and u r not really on ur works for me... I hope u can understand this ....good luck.
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pain in back, neck, and hips after cervical fusion

How long has it been since you had this done? Did you they tell you that you fused successfully? Did they send you to therapy afterwards? None of the tests you had showed any problems? The shoulder blade pain, muscle spams and headaches seemed to be something that a lot of us that have had ACDFs deal with and I know what you mean when you say you're worse. These surgery's are like a coin toss whether or not you'll be better, course the Doctors don't tell you that. Getting back to these MRI's and CT's, do you have copies of all the reports, pre and post op? Do you understand what they say or do you have somebody that can read them for you, or do you just go by what the Doctors tell you? The other things is, am I'm going to tell you this from personal experience, in certain areas, many of these Doctors know each other, if they don't, they might have heard of your 1st Doctor.So when you go for a 2nd opinion, a lot of them will not step on each others toes, even if they do see something's wrong. Best way to find a surgeon is from a recommendation from a ex-patient or 5. Take Care
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What's wrong with me?

Hi Babyblue34f. I'm so sorry you're going through all this. Some of these doctors should get off they high thrones and start dealing at the level of their patients, with some more understanding for their suffering. Being reliant on labs alone, is a huge disservice to the patient when clinical findings and symptoms with pain and suffering are ignored. This is plain rubbish! If there's a good thing here to mention, it is the lack of effective treatment available, aside from maintence drugs. So these two negatives cancel each other out in a way, should you suffer from let's say seronegative arthritis-or whatever the exact diagnosis would be. It is my opinion that there's an undelying low grade infectious condition, along with other co-factors present, leading to your condition. You can do a serch here under "Dr. Garth Nicolson", who is the top expert in infectious conditions underlying FMS, CFS and other serious syndromes He 's also a part time MedHelp contributing expert. On your own, you can self test for low thyroid function by doing Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test, which in your case, may have to be done over a much longer time, to ride out any active phases of the suspected low grade infection. Just do a search for it. Sould you get a consistent  reading basal body temperature below normal (36.5–37.5 °C  or 97.7–99.5 °F are considered normal levels), barring an active phase of infection, your thyroid function would be considered low (hypothyroid). Also, you may look into MSM, Boswellia Serrata, Coconut oil, low carb alkaline diet, apple cider vinegar , which all can be very important elements of a therapeutic approach you can implement on your own. I have experience with all of these, both in research and application, however, my suggestions and comments are only for educational purposes and not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please research these well and then you may let me what you think. The details are very important, should you decide to apply any or af these and I would be glad to help you with that. Best wishes. Niko
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Exercise vs. Pain

sorry to here that you are going through hell!!.i know how you are feeling i too have had major surgery on my L5/L4 and S1 nov 07. but i still get severe leg and back pain unlike you i can take oxycodone thank god!! .BUT the reason i want to leave you this note is that i use a device called Acrtcare TSE {it is like a tens unit BUT only much better } also it is the only device that has as EXTERNAL spinal cord stim built in{ thats the tse bit!} i use mine 24/7 May i recommend that you contact for more info .They like me are in the uk but they will send you one.As i say i could not be without mine and if i couldnot take oxycodone i cannot imagin what life would be like i hope this as been of some use to you .STRAKER
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low back and hip joint pain

If you can find an orthopedic sports doc, he might give you a better explanation and treatment plan.  You could be having referred pain from sciatica, which can give you the pain you describe.  I just went through this myself.  It is a slow process for the pain to begin to subside and the remaining pain is in my hip and groin.   I did use a chiropractor for several years when I was ice skating (in my 40's) and he did help me considerably......but I also got tired of the monthly appointments for maintenance and then his practice got a little too 'alternative' for me.  So I have returned to traditional docs - granted they are not all the greatest...... You might want to consider getting a PT referral from your primary care doc.  I find PT's do a much more thorough exam, listen better (than most docs) and can be very helpful in the diagnostic part....set you on an exercise program that is realistic and listen to your feedback and chart your progress.  PT will require at least twice a week initially for several weeks.  A quick fix does not happen here. Surgery is a last resort or if well documented anatomical/nerve problems exist.  The hard part for most of us is that we just want to take a pill or have surgery.  It takes a certain mind-set to be patient enough to do the exercises over weeks/several months to get relief.  Tight hamstrings are notorious for adding to LBP, back of thighs, etc.  There are many reasons why you may be having difficulty but from what you wrote, the diagnosis seems too complex for what may be a much simplier reason.  Good luck!
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Cervical Fusion - re-occuring symptoms

make sure they put you out to do the exam, i was not out and felt unbelievable pressure and discomfort and you have to lay completely still as a needle goes into your neck. I would go out of town to the best neuro-spinal groups you have in your state because it is not worth screwing around with local neurosurgeons if you want to have any quality of life. I trusted local docs for 2 cervical fusions and then had to go to UCSF for 3rd fusion- im fused from C3-T2, and believe me it changed my life completely. I live with pain everyday and alot of muscle spasms, but I stay active, working out, coaching volleyball, and chasing after a 12mo old son. Good luck
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methadone for post op cervical surgery pain?

Wow you've been through a lot. Yeah, they've started using Methadone a lot for pain control, mainly because its so cheap. Its supposed to be a really good pain killer, but like you said, it is really hard to get off of. Addicts dosages tend to be 3-4-5 times more than what is typically used for pain control, I don't know if that makes it any easier to get off or not, I doubt it. There's also been a lot of accidents from incorrect dosages and people have died combining methadone with things like Xanax and other benzos. If your happy with what you're taking now, I don't think they can force it on you. A friend of mines wife is on it, she's a paraplegic and she has a lot pain. She takes it, she's going to be on it for the rest of her life and she knows it. Take Care
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