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Chest pain with tingling down into my arm and fingers

1 month ago I was diagnosed with Pneumonia. This has cleared up, although I am still occasionally coughing up black stuff. About 3 weeks ago I started experiencing chest pain in the upper left part of my chest. I am also  having tingling, warm and sometimes painful sensations in my left arm down into my fingers. My neck hurts, my lower back hurts, and I periodically experience feelings of dizziness accompanied by difficulties breathing. Also, my secretary was just diagnosed with the flu.  Do I have a heart problem, a pinched nerve caused by coughing, is it the flu, or somet

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I have tingling down my left arm to my fingers.. some tingling

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Chest pain with tingling down into my arm and fingers

A heart problem is a possibility.  You need to be followed up.  
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Anxiety arm and hand pains

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What autoimmune diseases fit these symptoms?

A lot of it sounds like Lupus. Sjogren's Syndrome may account for the mouth sores, joint pain and swelling, severe dry eyes, fatigue, change in color of hand and feet.  You definitely have inflammation based on a high sed rate.  Addison's Disease could account for many of the symptoms. The problem with autoimmune diseases they seem to mimick to some degree each other. It can be difficult to narrow it down. I don't see lab values to help in that area. You could even have problems with your adrenal system. Your body seems stuck in the "fight or flight response" with the high nor epi.  That alone could cause many of these symptoms too.
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Please help! Back and Chest pain

Here are some questions to ask yourself.  Does the pain worsen after you eat greasy foods?  does it hurt under your right rib cage if you push on it?  Try pushing on it, keep pushing and take a quick deep breath.  Does it hurt?  Sometimes your gall bladder can cause pain in the back/shoulder blades/chest areas.  If you have been checked for this, then ignore everything I have said. Some of the general rules for gall bladder are the four F's (Female - Fertile (had babies) - Fat - and Forty)  Now, I know you aren't 40, but you don't have to be all of these either.  I have a daughter that, at the age of 18 months, had to have her gall bladder out. If you are seeing a neurologist or orthopedic Dr., he may not catch something like this.  Go see your Family Dr.  Ask him if it could be your Gall Bladder causing you such pain since all of the other tests have been coming back normal.   Again, it may not be the gall bladder.  I hope I have helped a little.  Good Luck.
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Concerned about pain.

Carpal Tunnel and Neck problems can both cause the pain and weakness you're having, but your a little young for both these things. Arthritis might be a factor as well, but it wouldn't cause your fingers to get pale and blueish, you should see a Doctor. Take Care
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Lump in Arm

Hi.  A 1-2 inch lump found deep within your husband's left arm is something unusual and should be brought to the doctor for further investigation.  It may just be a non-cancerous tumor, such as a lipoma (a tumor composed of fat cells), but there is also a possibility of sarcoma (cancer involving muscles, bones and ligaments).  A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) study of your husband's left arm may need to be done to determine what that lump really is.
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increasing paxil cr 37.5/and propranolol

I think your doctor is on the right track with this.  Propanolol is short acting and is given for anxiety, along with other things.  I take propanolol and have never had any problems with it. I do think increasing the Paxil will help, and doing this is very common as our bodies adapt to the medication and it becomes less effective.  I'm not sure why they gave you both ativan and propanolol, I would think it would be one or the other. Maybe the propanolol was given to help with any withdrawal from the xanax. I don't feel that your PCP is the best one to prescribe these types of meds, a psychiatrist is more knowledgeable and would know what is best. Also think about therapy to learn why you have so much anxiety, once you get to the root of your problem you can often work thru it and cope much better.  Take care..
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symptons anxiety

It sounds, or seems, like you are having symtpoms right now! I find it a bit difficult to read/understand your post, so I'll do my best. You can have generalized, and consistent symtoms of anxiety, called generalized anxiety disorder GAD, without having just panic attacks, or panic disorder. Your symtpoms sound a bit more on the severe or distressing side of anxiety disorders. My questions and suggestions would be, if this is the first time you are experiencing this, yes it could be anxiety, but go to the doctor urgently to be sure it's not serious. Seconndly if you've had this for a long time do you have a therapist or psychiatrist to prescribe medications or get to the root of the problem? If not, I would see your doctor right away to get involved with a psychiatrist and therapist to help you out and make sure you have a good support system as well.
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What cause Anxiety/Panic Disorder

Often anxiety is caused from an unresolved traumatic event in our past, but sometimes we never learn why we have anxiety.  Often the traumatic event has been forgotten about and this makes the anxiety even more frustrating for us.  If as a child something happened to you, which you just tucked neatly away and forgot about, it will come back to be dealt with in the form of anxiety and/or depression.  This is where therapy can play a big role in helping you to learn if this is what is causing your anxiety, then getting it out and dealing with it.  If there is no such event causing your's, then therapy can teach you how to cope better and relaxation techniques to ease your anxiety.  Not everyone has triggers, it just hits us out of the blue.  But with therapy and/or medication all of this can be controlled to improve your quality of life.  Your symptoms I'm sure are keeping your anxiety level high, which in turn is feeding your anxiety, keeping it going strong.  This creates a vicious cycle that we need to break.  Learning to "accept" that you are fine is the first big step, then trying to not let your symptoms scare you is next.  Lose the fears and worry and you'll lose your anxiety.  You've had enough tests to put your mind at ease, now you must accept that you're fine.  I hope this helps and I wish you all the best!
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