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What MRI report means

IMPRESSION: Multilevel disc bulge with discogenic disease and desiccation, most significantly at L5-S1 where there is a right posterolateral/right lateral HNP causing right lateral recess stenosis, inferior L5-S1 neural foraminal truncation and significant mass effect upon the inferomedial rigI would like to know what this MRI result means: ht L5 axillary nerve root sleeve within the foramen, the disc measuring at least 8-9 mm in greatest diameter.

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What does this MRI report mean? ... Increased laxity of the ligament means that the ligament has become loose and will not help to keep the bones ...
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A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body.
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MRI — Learn more about how to prepare for this painless diagnostic test that creates detailed pictures of the inside of the body without using radiation.
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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ... The radiologist will prepare a short report for the doctor, who will make an appointment to discuss the results.
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MRI of the Knee. Share Pin ... the MRI report may indicate findings that are not necessarily "normal," but that does not mean those findings are causing your problem.
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In medicine, unremarkable can loosely be defined as “nothing ununsual”. Perhaps the MRI was carried out to determine abnormal findings in the surrounding eye...
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MRI Report- Help!?

  Hi, there will always be a difference with  a MRI that is laying down and one that is upright...gravity will play a role in the length. Plus, 10 mm = 1 cm so it is not really that big a change.... What u want to know is is it creating a CSF obstruction...did u have a CINE MRI too?
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benign bone hemangiomata

Hi, I was just diagnosed with the same thing recently and have gone through a bunch of tests.  If you google lumbar spine hemangiomas or hemangiomatous changes you will come up with a boat load of sites to check out. I found out after an MRI and nuclear med bone scan and a spine surgeon that what I have are 3 hemangiomas that are completely inside the vertebral bodies which is unusual since most people have one and they are almost always found as incedental findings.  I was found to have 2 herniated lumbar disks and 3 hemangiomas but the hemangiomas are not involved outside the vertebral bodies and therefor not the issue for my pain.  I have to undergo a discogram (not thrilled with that test!) because the bulges are on the left side but all my pain from lower back, butt and down the leg to foot are all on the right.  The discogram and following CT scan should show where the pain is exactly and where the disk is leaking out.  Had a disco on the cervical spine years ago but that was before I was drug tolerant and now I'm really apprehensive because pain meds don't work well.  My pain mangagement doc assures me he'll do everything he can to manage the pain but I do have to be coherent enough to tell him if he hit the right spot.  I'll do anything to get some answers. My spine doc assures me that the hemangiomas are not the problem that they are incedental but I'm not so sure.  We'll see.  In any event, they are benign but if they go outside the vertebral body then I think they can affect other things but mine don't.  Chances are you will find out that your back issues are disk related but I'm no doc and haven't read your report.  BTW, insist always on getting copies of your reports and CD's (they can make you copies, mine were free) of your MRI's.  I have learned to get these things BEFORE I see the specialist so they don't have to call in to the referring doc because someone didn't forward the reports by the time I went in.  This was the case with my spine surgeon and I was so glad I had the info avail. for him.  Also, my ortho doc couldn't help with the spine stuff as he was more general ortho, not a specialist that deals only with the spine. That is terrible that you lost your insurance!  What can you do about it?  Can you get public health?  Sorry this is so lengthy but I wanted you to have something to go on from someone who is dealing with it at this moment. Good luck to you and you can alway write me privately or click on my profile and leave a message, I've been dealing with spine problems since 1995 and been through a LOT. Marcy
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My MRI results report... Help!

Well.. You have a very herniated disc and spinal stenosis.. both of which cause severe and chronic pain.  Yes its normal to be in pain. Hopefully your doc is giving you pain meds and or something or addressing it with you? what the heck? he didn't tell you what it meant?
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what does this mri results mean?

I am so glad you have had good health. MRIs work with magnets - so just for your future information, anytime you get contrast with different machines, they are all different types. MRIs do not require any radiation and the contrast used is not radioactive but is a material that is metallic and can be passed out in urine but the metal helps things light up for a short time. If you have questions, ask the tech and they should explain about radiation or not - but MRIs are very safe. The pituitary sits in a fluid filled bone pocket - sort of like one of those chocolate covered cherry things - the cherry sits in goo and the outside is hard. Now, what the doctors found with you is that they cherry/pituitary cannot be seen well and all they can see is the CSF (cerebral spinal fluid)/goo. That is empty sell. CSF appears black on MRIs and you cannot see behind it and you don't know what is going behind it. So your doc ordered another MRI to look at it - normally a good pituitary MRI is with and without contrast. So that is why your doc did not discuss it probably. Now the second MRI showed a bit more as it focused in on the pituitary. Now they can see the pituitary is squished (not a technical term) and they may be able to see a lesion there but they are not sure. However, the lesion that they see is rather large... it is just under the level of macroadenoma (over 10mm) - but it a micro-adenoma (under 10mm). The next step is for you to get a lot of lab testing. You need to find out if/how the lesion is effecting you. You may not think you have vision issues - but pituitary usually take it away from the sides so it can be subtle at first. Other symptoms can vary a lot from healing issues, bone issues, depression/mood issues, sleep problems, pain, fatigue, etc etc - they symptoms can vary by type of lesion and if the symptoms are caused by mass effect or by hormone. It will have to be monitored to see if you need surgery or medication to resolve the lesion. I had the surgery as have others here - while it seems very scary as long as you have an experienced surgeon (that is crucial), you should be fine. If you have any other questions - let me know.
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Got my report and I am even more confused

  Hi...many times the instructions give the radiologist what they r to look for...and that is what they report u have the entire report? If so read the whole thing not just the impressions as that does not always give a clear pic. Can u take a pic of ur MRI and post it?
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What does this MRI mean?

First the BIRADS score of 0 means that further investigation is necessary to arrive at a diagnosis and this would be the Biopsy that you have scheduled. Evidently there is a lesion that is slightly less than half an inch, which I don't consider particularly small. According to the interpretation of the study this area is suspicious due to it's characteristics ...  blood flow to the area and the irregular shape. These things can be seen in malignant findings. It will take the upcoming biopsy to determine the true nature of this lesion. I appears to me that you are receiving excellent Medical Care in this situation. Any time you feel that you have not received adequate information you need to insist on a detailed discussion with your Dr. I don't know when your biopsy is scheduled but you might still call your Dr.s office and request a face to face meeting about the test results. In these hurried times it is often necessary to "demand" explanations .... sometimes if you don't ask it is assumed that you understand or that you don't need more information.   Best wishes for a good outcome with your biopsy.  
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Just an update

  Hi...not necessarily......[ 3mm herniation then that would mean my herniation increased to 6mm ] First...there r diff slices that could have been taken, so unless it is the same machine as b4, and doing the same slice., is hard to say, but gravity will play a small role in the herniation appearance. ...... imagine an upside down pear.....slice it into 3 equal parts top to bottom....on the left and right u have 2 parts that mirror each those slices will be close is size. Now look to the center slice....that will appear much longer.....if u only looked at the left or right slice b4....and now look to the center....has the pear grown in size?...No....we r just viewing it from a diff angle....   The herniation can grow...and u can have an increase in size due to gravity, but u will also see a big change in symptoms then too...and if not, then it is more likely that the view is just diff...not the size.   I hope u can understand that....sorry if I confused u. Many with Chiari including myself have low BP...and I tend to get light headed at times...dizzy at others...but, do not fit the criteria for the tilt table tests or conditions either May I ask how u found a PT that is well informed on chiari?....make sure she is, otherwise she should not be touching ur neck...especially the base......ouch.....this is the same reason we r told no chiropractors.Please be careful.   My herniation was larger on one side which caused my symptoms to be more noticeable on one side has a lot to do with it.     "selma"
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Can someone tell me what these results mean?

Open MRI is not good enough to see a pitiuitary lesion. You need a proper pituitary MRI in a closed MRI and lab testing. Hope the labs were at 8am fasting. Otherwise many were useless.
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