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Can anyone recommend a good board certified neurosurgeon in Atlanta?  Previous Dr & his hospital(s) and non-surgical partners in the medical group were a nightmare...spinal fusion was a disaster...needed 2nd surgury to remove the screws & rods...  Now in far worse shape than prior to the two surgeries - excruciating pain, legs drag and collapse, etc.      

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Referral insanity

I feel you on the referral shenanigans. First, my doctor's office said for 6 weeks that they had sent my referral to the NS. Two weeks ago I found out they hadn't. So, I went to the office and picked it up myself. I faxed it in and  called. They told me they would call back the next day with my appointment time, but that it would be in about 5 weeks. They never called back. I waited a few days and then called again. They said they didn't receive the fax. I paid $25 to send it. ($1 per page.) So, I went back to the UPS Store and faxed it again. I called the next day. They STILL said they didn't get it. I had the confirmation page and the right number. So, I snail mailed it. Waited 5 days and called. Nope. They didn't have it. So today my husband called them. He got the guy's email address. I also called my PCP. They promised they would get to it today and do it for me. (They'd been saying that for 6 weeks but I guess my doctor finally got onto them after my last appointment.) So, my doctor's office faxed the referral and I scanned it and emailed it myself. They FINALLY got it. I have no idea why I am having this much trouble. I was an administrative assistant for many years in a very busy office that handled thousands of people on a daily basis. Why I keep falling through the cracks in this particular office is beyond me.
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Aauugghh! Dr referral issues..

Hi Jenn...I am so sorry...the royal chiari run around I call it...and it stinks big time. many of us have had to go thru this dance more than once to get to a good dr . Is there another chiari dr u might be able to get to ?.....y did u pick this one? I so know how u feel...try to relax, regroup and push for what u need : ) "selma"
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how long to wait for referral?

  It depends on the Dr and how busy they are.....for a Chiari specialist it can be  6 to 8 weeks b4 they tell you if they want to see you after you send all your info..... Most specialists have a web site with info sheets you must fill out....and send for review along with copies of your MRI's ....and all testing you have had....this will expedite your getting in....check to see if the Dr you plan to see has these forms online for you to print and fill out. ((hugs)) I know how you are feeling....and I know nothing anyone can say can really help....but sending prayers your way.
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Should I find another Family Doc

  It could be that u have instability from EDS and need a Dr well informed to help u....I am not sure if that takes a new PCP or not, if ur ins requires a referral then mayb it does....... It could be u have a related issue, or r having a post op issue. I would want to go to a rheumatoid Dr if that is the ur ins provider to see if u can  get them to override ur PCP???
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day 4

Day 4 look at you!  Great post and another reminder to BE EDUCATED about the providers you see, about what route you want to take for your detox and not to be afraid to say that doesn't work for me - this is what I'd like to do.  Now I know some people cannot go CT because of the drugs they take and must be tapered but just generally getting educated about your options is OKAY.  I wasn't always educated about the pills I took and that can be a big mistake. For those of you out there reading the stories and trying to come to terms with your pills and how they affect your life - why don't you post for support, let today be the day! GREAT JOB ON 4 DAYS!  You should start feeling a little better every day now, watch out for the mental stuff which started kicking in for me about now - one day at a time!
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so frustrated!

Well, I'd say it's a start. I can't count (especially w/my almost 6 week post-op brain) how many places I had to go to, go through...the dance. And that was after being DX'd 10 years ago. But, during the dog&pony show dance (some NL I didn't like, some NS I realized I wanted nothing to do with) , but I did utilize what I could....further testing (always ask for actual imaging to be put on CD for your own records-I've got a collection at this point) test "findings"- the written report as well. Further testing a for as Selma would say ALL related conditions (I can say... I wish I'd done testing for EDS before surgery...but I did get EMG's, CINE, blood work ...a lot of blood work). So, if you're able to get simply testing done-see a NL... never hurts to speak to Dr's so you get the feel of what to ask the next one, etc. While doing so,you can arrange to go back to your Dr. and ask for a referral to the hospital you'd wanted the referral to.  I've just always utilized what was in front of me - even if I knew It would not end up being my...correct hospital, Dr, etc. In the meantime, call in to your Dr. and explain again. I know my Dr. changed referral just due to a place that was closer to me. Easy fix.. But don't give up don't have to land wherever the place you first/at the first stop on the flight! You do have a choice.
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Medical Politics

I think it is lack of information about chiari more so than anything else. A cine study is only an MRI of the brain while they keep track of vitals and stuff. It is not a difficult test an there is no special equipment needed, just the mri machine, and yes they usually do the head as that is where the problem would lie as the tonsils would stop the flow. Have you had an mri of the spine to check for a syrinx yet? There are many dr.'s that are up on Chiari and somewhere on this site is a link with dr. names. I am sure you could find someone on the list closer to you that could look at your disks and give their recommendation. Hopefully others will chime in here and give you their advice as I am not an expert. Just have my personal experiance to share. Dawn
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Hypermobility linked to autoimmune disorder?

The disorder he was most likely referring to is Ehler Danlos.  It is a disorder of connective tissue.
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Pain management in GTA

At one time I thought that if I could just get enough pills and opiates to not run out that life would be great. When I started actually  getting that amount is when life really became a nightmare .  You may find that once you get off of the rollercoaster and stay off for a while that you can control the pain using other methods aside from opiates.They are not a solution for long term pain control.
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