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neck pain after injury

I fell from a standing position yesterday and landed on my back.   It felt like I was moving in slow motion, after my back hit the ground my head hit the ground, landing on a plastic toy.  I can turn my neck side to side, but it hurts to raise it from a laying position and to move my head back, looking up to the sky.  It also hurts to inhale.  Should I be concerned or did I just strain something.

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Neck Problems and Injuries-Topic Overview - WebMD

Continued. Pain from an injury may be sudden and severe. Bruising and swelling may develop soon after the injury. Acute injuries include: An injury to the ligaments ...
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Neck Injuries | Neck Disorders | MedlinePlus

Neck pain is very common and can happen for many reasons, such as overuse, muscle strain, or whiplash. Learn how to relieve neck pain.
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Neck Injuries in Sports: What You Should Know - WebMD

The experts at WebMD tell you how to protect your neck and stay ... a serious neck injury: Pain that doesn't go ... the first couple of days after the neck injury.
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Types of neck pain, ... This type of injury can be caused by a sudden force (such as whiplash) resulting from a car accident, or from straining the neck ...
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Neck Injury: A List of the Most Common Types - Verywell

Get info about the most common types ... Neck Injury: A List of the Most Common Types ... trigger points, arthritis, and/or a disc problem underlie the pain. Neck ...
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Neck pain Symptoms - Mayo Clinic

Neck pain — Comprehensive overview covers causes of neck pain and neck pain relief options.
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Whiplash: Diagnosis, Treatments, and Complications

Common symptoms of whiplash include neck pain and stiffness, headaches, ... They should only be used the first couple of days after your injury, as well.
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Whiplash and Cervical Spine Injury. Treatment and whiplash ...

An acute whiplash injury follows sudden or excessive hyperextension or hyperflexion, more about Whiplash and Cervical Spine Injury
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Is Your Shoulder Pain Actually a Neck Problem? – Health ...

Neck pain may signal a shoulder problem, and shoulder pain may signal a neck problem. ... Shoulder pain is most often caused by an injury to the rotator cuff, ...
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Pain after Spinal Cord Injury - MSKTC

People who use chin- or mouth-operated joysticks may sometimes develop neck pain. ... View our Pain after Spinal Cord Injury slide show. Pain after Spinal Cord ...
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EMG for neck and shoulder pain

The EMG is used to determine the level of muscle involvement and how well the muscle is working. The muscles distal to the involved body part are the essential ones to test, as this involves the movement and strength of your arm/hand.  The neck muscles are affected to a lesser degree as the pain in that area (and shoulder) is more a factor of nerve involvement.  Since you know that you have a bulged (herniated) disc, the extent of the herniation and level of pain you are experiencing will help determine the course of treatment.  Some would advise only conservative treatment as long as the muscle is working properly.  Others would advise more aggressive treatment if the nerve is being compressed by the herniated disc.  Physical therapy can alleviate much discomfort from a herniation. Depending on the size of the herniation and the status of the disc (dessication (drying) or degeneration) will help to determine whether surgery is needed to obtain resolution of the problem.  If you are still in pain, I would recommend a consult with an orthopedic or neurosurgeon skilled in the treatment of this type of disease process of the spine.  Their interpretation of the MRI findings may help you with any decisions regarding further medical care. Regards ---
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Sharp neck pain into the shoulder

Hi there! Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include muscle sprain/ spasm, nerve impingement, injuries to ligaments/ tendons, fractures/ dislocations etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a primary care physician or an orthopedician at your earliest convenience for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Meanwhile I would suggest avoiding strenuous movements around the region. Tylenol/ OTC NSAIDS may be useful for pain relief. Hope this helps. Take care!
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neck injury or more?

Hi there! Well, it would be very difficult to comment specifically on the situation without a detailed clinical evaluation. An addition injury is possible at the shoulder level and it is true that a few may not be evident on radiographs. Well, in a similar situation, an arthoscopic examination/ repair may be considered to determine the exact status. All labral tears may not need repair and management is largely dependent on extent and the location of the tear. An unhealed tear may result in chronic symptoms. At this stage I would suggest considering an opinion by an orthopedician for an appropriate management plan. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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Straight Neck Syndrome

Hi there, 14 years ago I had a whiplash type of injury. I had nerve symptoms and had it looked at straight away. xray showed no break and they sent me home. Sorry to say, but I have never recovered and I have since been diagnosed with 3 prolapsed discs and osteoarthritis with some mild stenosis. (that was 12 years later ) I do have times when the pain and other symptoms are lessened. I ALWAYS wear a scarf or snood as I've found heat to be of great benefit. Try and keep good posture and make sure your workplace is ergonomically sound. There are loads of pain killer options. for nerve problems like ours I have had great success with amitriptyline and Lyrica, with standard pain meds Tramadol SR, Naproxen. I take a tummy protector too omeprazole. It fluctuates a lot and is really affected by the weather, damp and cold = pain
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Neck Pain / Trapezius Pain / Weakness in Left Arm - Should I be concerned?

Probably the best way to get healthy again is to continue with the Physical Therapy and slowly increase your physical activities. Your MRI isn’t all that bad, bulging discs and annular tears do heal in most people. Yes, you’re kind of young for this, but it’s probably to your benefit that this was caught now instead of in 10 years when it’s much more serious. I’m a little puzzled by your Neurologist diagnosis of your migraines, true migraine headaches are thought to comprise only 8% of all headache episodes, headaches are very common with neck problems, there actually not migraines but are cervicogenic headaches that originate from the cervical spine. I guess it doesn't matter where it comes from as long as it gets better, right.
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Neck pain

I'm not sure, but happened upon your post as I , too, have a 20+ yr old injury to my neck from an auto accident and to this day sometimes it flares from not sitting right while working at the PC and can really hurt so much.  But, I'm not sure .. my first thought is to see a good Orthopedist?
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