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Herniated disc, CT results - opinions?

I'm new here, although I've been reading for awhile. I have suffered from lower back pain for about 4 years, thought never severely. I tried physio and pain meds, but there was never much of a change. About 6/7 weeks ago I woke up in agonizing pain. Went to the Dr who prescribed me oxycodone and sent me for a CT scan. In summary, the CT scan said - -Retrolisthiasis of L5 on S1 -Left paracentral disc protrusion with mild calcification -Mild indentation on the thecal sac -Marked compression of the left side S1 nerve root. Ever since this episode I have been unable to do most of my norma

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Diagnostic Tests for a Cervical Herniated Disc - Spine-health

Diagnostic Tests for a Cervical Herniated Disc; ... are for the most part not useful for the diagnosis of a herniated cervical disc. See Computerized Tomography ...
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If this suggests that you have a herniated disc, ... you may have an MRI or a CT scan. ... or if the results of an MRI aren't clear.
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All confirmed with a MRI and CT scan. ... what are the opinions on doing real world exercises that target the lumbar ... Opinions on rehabbing a herniated disc
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Your doctor will diagnose a herniated disk with a physical exam and, ... Seniors Get Good Results from Herniated Disc Surgery ... Computed Tomography (CT) ...
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After the onset of pain from a herniated cervical disc ... usually with good results. Because removal of the herniated disc fragment ... The CT and MRI scans ...
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This results in a herniated disc, ... a dye into the disc under X-ray guidance. An X-ray and CT scan are performed to view ... Opinions. For those back and ...
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Spine - Lumbar Disc Herniation ... The herniated disc has migrated caudally and is seen as an oval structure anterior to the nerve. ... which results in instability.
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Herniated Lumbar Disc; Herniated Cervical Disc; ... A herniated lumbar disc can press on the nerves in the spine and may ... [MRI], computed tomography [CT] or ...
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WebMD experts and contributors provide answers to: can a ct scan show a herniated disc
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Kittyluv1 Could you please give your input?

Sorry for the delay in responding --- I was out of town for the Easter holiday. I think your leg problems are more related to the disc degenerative changes in your neck as the nerves exiting from the spinal cord at higher levels will supply the lumbar region. The reason you might have had delayed symptoms refers to the length of time your cervical spinal nerve roots have been compressed and the extent of involvement of the spinal cord. As the length of time increases, the severity of the symptoms increases as well The thoracic changes seen on your MRI show some impression of the thecal sac (nerve root endings contained in a sac outside of the central spinal cord.) but no direct spinal cord involvement as seen in the cervical spine. I believe your brain MRI is scheduled for tomorrow.  I don't think they will find any significant abnormalities.  My educated guess is the majority of your symptoms are related to your cervical spine. Keep me posted -----
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Herniated disc, CT results - opinions?

Sorry to hear you've been having so much pain. Doctors don't general recommend surgery right off the bat, unless their is some type of major Neurological concern or  some other type emergency or danger. And I know here in the U.S a lot of insurance companies won't let them. The other treatments you mentioned like injections, different meds and physical therapy are a lot cheaper, and quite frankly are worth trying, they sometimes help. Surgery is very serious business and should only be done as a last resort. It seems that your Doctor's on top of the situation, but It troubles me that you were sent home for 6 weeks with out a referral to Physical Therapy or to see a Chiropractor. I know  you can barely walk and that your pains bad, but any little bit of therapy you could do, could help. Being inactive often makes your pain worse, and your muscles tighten up more. I've been where you are and I know what your going through, believe me. I know improvement doesn't seem possible, but it is. And very possibly without surgery. I don't want to tell you my story right now, it's too long. Whatever you do, don't give up, if you need someone to talk to, I'm here. Take Care I
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Test results interpretation

I do not know your age. But disc "degeneration" is a normal aging process. Your MRI results do not indicate anything to be concerned with. No herniations, impingements or other structural problems. I do not know symptoms which made you go for the MRI, but conservative treatment (if upper back pain was the reason) using OTC meds (advil or alleve) probably will be recommended. Good Luck
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C3,4,6,7 with disc Herniation. C 4,5,6 with disc bulges. What should I do?

A phyiscal therapist can recommend exercises for your neck. An interventional pain physician may be able to help with neck pain.
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Mass in Sacrum Looks Suspicious

Although I highly respect chiropractors and have one myself. You said your MRI showed a "mass".  I would address the mass before I addressed the herniated disk.  Your primary care physician is I believe correct in referring you for a biopsy.  Chiropractors are wonderful for some people for neck and back problems however they are not md's and certainly in my opinion should not be directing your care regarding a mass.  Follow the instructions of your PCP.  Ask him/her about any bloodwork if you need some for whatever reason.  But they need to biospy a mass to see what it is, period. good luck missy
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Multi- level thoracic disc herniations

I have almost the same disc problems. I wanted to know if you have had extreme chest pain? almost heart attack like?
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cervical mri plz help me understand the results

  I replied to this post in the Spinal Cord C/D forum,....I hope u get back there to see it : )
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Request layman explanation and ways to treat it.

The problem in your L spine is degeneration of your L4/5, meaning that it's breaking down. Your disk is also out of place. The problem with your C spine is arthritis in your C5/6 as well as a bone spur. I don't know why they said a "possible" herniation. It's either herniated or it's not. As far as reducing your pain. If you're not getting medical treatment, than you can take over the counter medicine like Advil or Aleve. Something that has an NSAID in it. You can use a heating pad or an ice pack, depending on which one helps. I like to take hot baths when my back is acting up. If you are getting medical treatment you can try psychical therapy, prescription NSAID's, steroid injections, a TENS unit (this helps me a lot) . If your doctor is not treating your pain, you can ask for a referral to see a pain management specialist. They are much more educated in treating pain.
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Advice needed....kyphoscoliosis and herniated disc symptoms

If you have not seen a neurologist yet, please see one as soon as possible. All these symptoms are nothing to overlook. Better to be safe than sorry. Let the expert make a determination. The Internet is a great place to get information once you have been diagnosed but not to use in place of a doctor.
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