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Has anyone used chiropractic care?

I feel like I am going insane.  I have been experiencing weird symptoms since January and have had too many doctor visits and tests to even list.  Everything keeps turning up normal which is good but on the other hand, is frustrating.  I get these "episodes" where I feel very weak all over, my muscles ache and I feel like I am going to collapse.  It's not necessarily a lightheadedness feeling but like a car that is running out of gas.  I have bad neck/upper back pain/tightness nearly all day every day.  These "episo

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These are stories of people who have been harmed by not thinking critically about chiropractic. ... in going to a chiropractor? ... hour care, she has filed a $500 ...
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Has anyone gotten chiropractic care to relieve anxiety?

Has anyone gotten chiropractic care and found it has helped their anxiety? I just want to hear some success stories before I try it.
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Fiorini Chiropractic Tallahassee

Chiropractic is health care discipline which emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself ... Welcome to Fiorini Chiropractic Center.
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Anyone use ******* in their chiropractic office?

are you talking about anabolic steroids. some chiropractors use their diagnosis of an injury, to give a referral to a MD who will  write a prescription for human growth hormone or anabolic steroids to make extra money. it's a round about way to get steroids legally. alot of body builders go to chiropractors for that reason.
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Has anyone used chiropractic care?

some people do not believe in CHIRO care, but I do. I have been going to mine for 20 years. I am 37 yearsold.  Iwas in a car accident when I was 12, rearended and got whiplash/cervical strain.  My back is also a mess. I have 2 herniated/bulging discs, I have osteoarthritis in my back and neck. I have stenosis on left side of my neck.  Been through 2 MRI's, physical therapy andand my chiropractor and all has gotten better, with no surgery. I go once a month for an adjustment.  I don't have much time to write right now, but YES, I fully believe in my chiropractor.  remember, they are not all the same.  Find one that works with the types of adjustment youwould like.  Mine is a chiro that adjusts me, cracks my back and neck.  Others use little instruments to poke around and loosen things up (I don't believe in those kind). I believe in what they call the "bone crackers".   GOOD LUCK to you.
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Spinal Stimulation, anyone had this done?

Hi, Kathy.  I decided against having the stimulation system implanted, but it was suggested by my doctor.  He gave me a DVD and pmphlet on the procedure.  The device that he suggested is made by medtronic (  They come in non-rechargeable and rechargeable.  Apparently you have an initial test period where the leads are outside of your body and you see how well the device will work for you.  If you are satisfied, they implant the leads I believe in your epidural space.  The main unit itself is implanted under your skin.  You have an external (wireless) remote control.  As I understand it, instead of feeling pain, you would feel a tingling sensation.  I use a tens unit and prefer to avoid surgery.  Good luck.
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I am wondering if I could tell Rehab no Sub?

I think it's great you are going to rehab. You will enjoy it once You get there. I have been (more than once) and they never used sub at any that I have been to.  I think You should call them and ask them these questions. I do think that with the lower level amount of norco that you are taking that it would be quite doable without sub. Like you said they can always give you some other comfort meds and help you sleep.  You should call and ask them and express your not wanting to go the sub route. They should be agreeable to that.    Best of luck  friend  ;))
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How Do We Get Over Our Past?

I meant shame, not sham.
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Feeling discouraged

Minty, this is a really hard thing you're doing.  For me, the first month was super tough.  It does get better, but I have to be honest in telling you that I think one thing that really helps is forcing yourself out of the doldrums.  I know ppl dont understand, and I dont think you have to have heart to hearts with everyone, but sometimes just making small talk with someone, even a stranger, can get you out of a bad headspace.  But the number one thing that helped me was activity, of any kind.  Walks, even around the block, or some kind of intense exercise, however intense you can handle, will help you tremendously, I am positive.  If you can do that, I would highly highly recommend it.  In any case, hang with it!  It will get better, just with time.  I know the feeling you're talking about and it is rotten to feel that way, and you start thinking you will always feel that way.  But no matter what you do, time will chip away at all of those bad and nasty feelings, physical, mental and emotional.  I'm on here a lot, you can always pm me if you need to talk.  You are doing great!  Don't give up!!!!
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Complete numbness

Everyone goes through weird phases in life, especially when they feel overwhelmed. Obviously what your friend is going through is probably overwhelming to you and often people find it easier when they "zone out" and become numb and try to separate themselves from reality because then the truth does not have to be faced. You may also be suffering from some depression. People who are depressed notice mood change and apathy about things they really cared about at one point in time such as a sport or social events. Did something tragic happen in the past few years? A death in the family? A falling out with someone close? Anything can trigger stress and depression, and it doesn't have to be something big. DId you start a new medication? There are a lot of explinations for what you're going through. Don't automatically assume it's something aweful. As family or friends if they have noticed a personality change (tell them to be honest) and see if they have any idea what might have triggered the change. It might help! Let me know how it goes!
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Dilaudid and Tramadol

When was the last time you used Tramadol? I used Tramadol for perc and vic w/d, but soon realized that Tramadol was WAY worse coming off of
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