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Newbie - please help!

I'm new here, although I've been reading for awhile. I have suffered from lower back pain for about 4 years, thought never severely. I tried physio and pain meds, but there was never much of a change. About 6/7 weeks ago I woke up in agonizing pain. Went to the Dr who prescribed me oxycodone and sent me for a CT scan. In summary, the CT scan said - -Retrolisthiasis of L5 on S1 -Left paracentral disc protrusion with mild calcification -Mild indentation on the thecal sac -Marked compression of the left side S1 nerve root. Ever since this episode I have been unable to do most of my norma

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Newbie - Please Help

I have previously posted similiar question but wanted to open up a new one since I am very unclear of the process of making changes to an existing webpart.
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A newbie Please help -

Hi all, I am a newbie to windows form application.In my application(VS2005 c#) I need to read the data from the database and display it in the form similar to how ...
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Newbie help please -

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Newbie Please Help!! - Page 2 -

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Newbie - please help - Houzz

I got these little DR off ebay. They are about 5.5" tall and caudex is about 1/2" at its widest. Shallow pot is about 6" wide at widest point and 2" ...
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Please help me navigate this new life.

Hi there, I just want to tell you that with early and aggressive treatment, your disease doesn't necessarily have to get significantly worse. Placquenil and methotrexate (mtx) are to of the first, go-to, baseline meds they almost always try. I've been on mtx for decades and it's been my mainstay. Both meds have been around for a long, long time and their efficacy and side effects are well known and documented. I also took placquenil a long time ago and it didn't do much for me, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you. One main thing to keep in mind is that no two RA patients are the same - some will have aggressive disease, some won't. Some will respond to a certain med, others to a different med or combination of meds. You don't know what will work until you try it. The frustrating part is giving each medication a fair trial to see if it will work, which is usually up to 3 months. If something works "sort of" but not enough, another med may be combined with it and the wait starts over again. You may not know it, but you're lucky you have a diagnosis. Sometimes autoimmune diseases can be hard to pin down b/c nothing shows up in bloodwork despite symptoms. I was dx'ed at age 5, even though "way back when" all they could do for me was feed me massive doses of aspirin. I've sort of grown up along with the ever-expanding treatments for RA. I currently take mtx, Enbrel and Mobic. Probably my best two pieces of advice for you are 1) educate yourself and 2) never take anything a doctor says at face value, even the doctors you like. Oh, and never be afraid to "fire" a doctor and look for a new one if you think you aren't being listened to or things aren't being explained to you in a way you can understand. Read the package inserts of all your medications, but be careful not to let the long lists of possible side effects freak you out. Drug companies are required to report everything from a sneeze to cancer during drug trials, even if it's not clear the med was the culprit. You may experience few or even no side effects, and those you do get may fade over time. The people here on Medhelp are great. If you are on Facebook, I can suggest a fantastic support group that resides there, called RA Chicks. Oh, one more thing, at some point in your treatment you may be given a drug called prednisone. It can seem like a miracle drug because it can make all your symptoms vanish "like magic", but the long term side effects of this stuff are not pretty. Use it sparingly as a tool to help you get through until the "bigger guns" kick in, but never, ever rely on it. Hope this helps!
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to all the newbies / huge hydrocodone addiction surge lately

we are all here for anyone. This site is a great tool in recovery! I like trouble would love to know the stats on this growing problem. Almost every night on news i see more people getting caught stealing them, forging scripts, doctor shopping, doctors running "pill mills" its insane, ,has the medical community taken notice and in so what are they planning on doing? something has to be done, we have to stop it before it starts. Its sad to watch
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Hi Newbie Please help me interpret my results!

You would need a stimulation test as well as other tests to really confirm it but to me you had a pretty normal rhythm just a tad low on sample 2. The rest were following normal nicely. There is no ACTH, no sodium, no potassium (do you crave salt?) no antibodies - no other hormones... Cortisol can vary anyway with illness and all. And you need more than one day of testing - you need several sets IMHO.  you need more testing of different types too and make sure you rule it in and rule other things out.
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Newbie to Anxiety

I've had good results from intense excersize, accupressure, message, meditation, deep breathing excersizes, yoga/stretching etc. These ideas are all healthy for you and most are free, so try them out and see if they help. Good luck!
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Please help! Newly DX'd with Chiari 1

Hello and welcome!  Well it sounds as though you have been introduced to what we call the Royal Chiari Runaround.  We have all been thru it at one time or another.  The issue is that most docs dont consider Chiari anything more than an incidental finding or that it can be symptomatic.  I went thru several NS's and NL's before finally listening to all the advice about finding a Chiari specialist.  The difference is amazing.  I suggest you do that sooner than later and save yourself the stress and frustration.  It sounds as though the nurse knew more than the doc in your case.   There is a list of CM specialist here in the forum that other members have used and liked.  It is a good place to start.  You will need to see a Neurosurgeon (which is what most CM specialist are).  He will order the additional tests like CINE MRI and rule out associated conditions like Syringomyelia, Tethered Cord, and EDS. It would be good if you can find a Neurologist who is familiar with CM for post op care if you need surgery.   It is possible that you may have to travel to get to one as most of us do.   Surgery is the only treatment for CM and is meant as a way to slow progression not as a cure.  Also, alot of us became symptomatic after an accident or trauma of some kind.  Apparently, even though you may have been this way all your life your body looses its ability to compensate after a trauma.   They really dont understand why. That is the way it was explained to me.  As I became symptomatic after an MVA also.   I am sorry you had to go through that already.  Again, welcome we are happy to have you join us!   Pam
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going on day 4 from Hydro's, and still holding on!!

Did you use the Thomas Recipe to help?
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The newbie with a few new questions

hey one that helps me is Flextra. Now all it does is dull the pain but it does not make me sleepy which was a major thing for me. I have miagraine meds that do NOTHING. Luckily my PCP is great and willing to try different things.
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Newbie - please help!

Hi there! Well, since there is evidence of nerve root compression, a surgery would ideally be recommended to relieve the compression; despite other lesions being mild-moderate. Conservative management with rest, anti-inflammatory medications and physiotherapy is found to be useful in mild-moderate cases and may not be if much help with compression of neural structures. Meanwhile I would suggest bed-rest with limited activity. Warm-compresses, anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers may help relieve the pain. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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Help please - addiction v pain? Not sure?

ok here are some questions. Do you ever take more the prescribed ? Do you take them for emotional pain as well as physical.Do you run out early ? These would be signs of addiction . If you are taking them as prescribed not abusing them then you are most likely dependent. Lots of us ended up where we are because of physical pain but with time when we have been off them for a while we feel better without them then we did on them .   In the end you are the only one that knows for sure .The one thing is will say if you are going to detox I would stay away from any type of Valium xanax ect ect benzos in general they are highly addicting you do want to end up with a problem there . good luck  .. avis
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