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I've had two fusions in the last 2 yrs. A L4-5 w/diskectomy, fracture, & spondylolisthesis, synovial cyst removal. Last year I had an ACDF fusion with myelopathy. I had routine follow up Flexion/ extension X-rays in August. My question: should I be concerned that the last X-rays showed an anterolisthesis & a retrolisthesis above my cervical fusion? One shows slippage of 2.8. I was told "my neck is just more flexible than most people" And they don't do surgery unless its 4.0. No neurosurgeon has looked at the X-rays. I'm worried because I have numbness, pain in my

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legs and bladder getting weaker after spine surgery

Hi and welcome to the back and neck support forum. I am so sorry u r having these issues...may I ask, have u had an MRI of ur lumbar spine? I have similar symptoms and have a tethered can cause the slow stream, back pain....and the leg issues. I pray u find ur answers "selma"
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Help needed

Hi! I am sorry to hear about your medical problems.  The symptoms could be due to a combination of the following problems: plantar fasciitis, diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome, peripheral neuropathies (Lyme’s lupus, diabetes, hypothyroidism etc), hypothyroidism, SLE, alcoholism, peripheral artery disease, sciatica, sarcoidosis, amyloidosis and high blood pressure. You will need blood tests, nerve conduction studies and dopplar studies to reach a diagnosis. Also, have you been tested for syphilis? HIV is ruled out. Since a confirmed diagnosis cannot be given on net please consult your doctor regarding these possibilities. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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Spine mri results....maybe no chiari afterall?

  Just bcuz u have slipped disks does not mean ur Chiari is not there or real...not sure why u r thinking along those lines. I have bulging disks and I also have Ehlers-Danlos which is a connective tissue disorder and explains y my disks move.... For those with a Chiari DX  ruling out Lymes, Lupus, and MS is typical testing as they are non related conditions with similar symptoms..... We also need to rule out related conditions too...EDS, ICP, POTS, syringomyelia, tethered cord,... Do u have copies of ur  MRI's? and the reports?
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Just been told I have a Syrinx in spinal canal!

I am a nurse and also a patient, seen mutiple doctors and several mri's later found to have a schmorl's node at t-9 cervical stenosis, lumbar stenosis and syrinx in both cervical and entire length of thoracic spine (central canal). Feel like my life is over even though i'm only 40 have severe pain upon wakening until i finally sleep for a few hours. The neurosurgeon treats everyone, not only me i've been told as if we are drug seeking drama queens. Believe me i have better things to spend my money on than doctor's and mri's. Taking this medication is like putting a bandaid on it and who has the money or the time to rest. THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE , i'm at the end of my rope. surgery seems like my only option since physical therapy, acupunture, ultrasound, chiropracture, massage and steroid injections all seem to fail. I am worried about spinal cord irreversable damage. I'm a nurse and can't get anywhere with this problem. Is there any hope for us suffering so bad? Would the doctor let thier family members suffer the way we do? I have researched and tried everything. All I CAN DO JUST TO MAKE IT TO WORK EVERYDAY. I just want to refer myself to Mayo....too young too just give up. I need a pep talk folks
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had my neurological appointment

  Hi.,...glad you will have more will want a MRI of the lumbar spine too...but all in due rush..... All of us get like a deer in it is best to take a written list and give it to someone that goes with you that can stay objective...   No saw it was not as scary as you thought and you will be ready for them next time....
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Spinal fusion S1 L5

I have a serious decision to make. Here is my story. I have been  in the US Army for 14 yrs and i have i always been in shape. I did have some back problems in the past at those times i went to the doctor and i was good for at least  2-3 days. One day my back went out and i never recovered. The doctor told me i had see the Neurological & spine institute. They told me that i would have to take injections in the right S1 with Transrominal Epidural Steroid for intervertibral disc degeneration and spinal joint disease. I actually took the first set of injection, didn't work. The second injection after a mouth work really well. I took a physical fitness test and did really well. Ran like a horse at the race track. After 3mth the pain came back. The Spine institute said that they would give me a different kind of injection. They gave me two more type of injection that didn't work. I continue to have back pain to were i could not run, jump, tie my shoe or put on my sock with out discomfort. The Doctor finally told me to go and get an MRI ( which i recommend anyone with back, shoulder, or neck injury to get that MRI done before letting the doctors tell you what they think. MRI doesn't lie) After getting the MRI the doctor said thay i had degenerating disc, 2 bulging disc, and one was touching the nerve. Needed Spinal fusion on S1/L5. So as a person who was on his last leg, i did some research and i seen a 50/50 change on reading the outcome of this precedure.Some people went back to normal after 2-4 mth but  the others where nightmares. (me!)  I had the surgery and that was the worst felling in the world. I have Never been in so much pain that my scale rating was 1-20. Most of the time 15-20. I was in pain, constipated, sore, spasm and other things for about 3mth. I thought i was getting better for a min but for the next 8mth i have been in and out of the  Emergency room at least 1 to 4 time a mouth. My Right upper foot is numb and the more i walk on it the more it hurts. I finally told the doctor that i was feed up with the pain and that i wanted to do a medical retirement, so he stated that he needed to do a Cat Scan before he makes that decision.  When i visit the doctor on the 18 of August, the same day i had my surgery, he told me that he understood why i was still in pain. The Bone from the spine fusion never grew so the doctor said they would have to redo the surgery by getting the bone from my hip area to replace it and also replace the hardware.  If not ii will get worst. At this point i had to go to the ER 3 time this mouth, and this pain is unreal. I am working outside of my MOS (Truck driver) in a desk job until i heal. I just hate to go back through that pain again. I told myself if i get out and i have to have surgery i will have to pay for some of fee, but if i let the army do it, it will be free. What to do. For u guys who had this surgery and was in pain no my fear.
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Is it Chiari or CSF leak

Hi and wlcome to the Chiari forum. I see u had several MRI's but u did not mention what area's were covered....I assume brain and cervical spine....but did u have ur thoracic and lumbar done??U need to have them rule out syringomyelia  ( syrinx) and tethered cord. Also, a NS that is not a chiari specialist will most likely not attribute the symptoms to ur chiari. U deff need to see a chiari specialist....we do have  a thread here of drs the members have used and liked...all drs should be researched by u to be sure they r right for u. If u still need assistance in locating a dr, please let us know. As for the CSF leak- there is something called spontaneous CSF leaks, but u would be so miserable u could not move...u'd have vomiting, and not be able to stnad light or sound.....all with chiari have this with our HA's but this is so much more severe it is hard to imagine. The right dr will lead u to the right treatment. I hope u continue to post ur questions and concerns and continue to share ur chiari experiences with us. "selma"
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Could these symptoms be related to spine problems?

Also, another major symptom that was one of the first, is a pain in my lower left abdomen. It seems like a deep pain and it usually seems to be a dull pain in the lower left back, but it hasn't stayed in exactly the same place over the years. Sometimes it's low on my hip, and sometimes it's a little higher up my back. It comes and goes, but has been bothering me a good 10 years.
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Update on 1st appt....

  Hi....So they will check for a syrinx...also known as syringomyelia...will they also check u for tethered cord?...Ehlers-Danlos?....these r all things u need to have checked as well as CSF blockage and overcrowding......   Hang in there and keep us posted : )   "selma"
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