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upper back pain

I am experiencing a sharp pain on my upper back (just below my left shoulder).  I have this now for about 5 days.  Note that it does not affect moving my left hand, head, or lifting objects. It is a discomforting pain specially when I lay down. The pain does subside when I take Aleve.  Thank you, Alex Deluao

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Upper back pain

Your symptoms do sound like a herniated disc in your neck.  I have those same pains and weaknesses in my arms/neck/upper back and my MRI did show the problem with the disc.  You might want to get another opinion on that.
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chronic upper back pain with radiation

1,check your neck and T1/T2,is it sensitive? 2,if so,medical acupuncture in sensitive area. 3,find a high horizontal bar (sport use), hanging the body ( kind of exercise ), after a lot of  time exercise ,probably can relive this pain.
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Prolonged back pain

I get similar pains in my back and chest.  I do have two herniated discs in my neck and arthritis.  It gets worse when I exercise or try to lift anything with the upper body.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, and really not given much help at all. I hope you find out what it is, if you do I would be interested to hear it.
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Back Pain in a 10 year old girl

my daughter too just turned 9 ans she has complained about her back for a while, you know i never ask if it hurt when i touched her back!
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Upper-mid back pain since years.. .

Hello and Welcome to the Back and Neck Community. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. No one should have to experience uncontrolled, sleep disruptive pain. Do you have a career that demands a lot of sitting, such as computers- or a career that requires physical labor - anything that puts stress and stain on your mid thorax region? Osteophytes is the medical term for bone spurs - and they indeed can cause pain. I know - I have them. However your pain may be more soft tissue pain, such as muscles and the supporting structures of your spine. Just because the actual autonomy of your spine appears healthy doesn't mean you can't have extreme back pain. There are many muscles that connect to the spine to help support the upright posture of the spine and move it. The main muscles involved in maintaining thoracic spine position, strength and integrity are the Lats (Latissimus group), Traps (Trapezius(s) and the Rhomboids - there are more but all function together. In addition to muscles we have Ligaments that connect bone to bone and Tendons that attach muscle to bone. The back is very complex - an pain can often be just as complex. PCP tend to look for answers to pain in areas where they can "see" it. If you have a disc disease they can point that out on an MRI and account for your pain. You can't actually "see" soft tissue pain. Have you consulted a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy). If your PCP is unwilling to go further to DX (diagnosis) your pain a DO may be of great help. Osteopathy is not a set of techniques; rather it is a philosophy. It's one that saved and changed my life. A DO found the reason I had/have pain and treated it when no one else could. If you chose not to see a DO or there is not one in your area just don't give up your search for the reason to your pain. It's way too early to quit. In the meantime ask your PCP about a muscle relaxant at bedtime, a therapeutic dose of NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) or anything else he thinks might help you rest until a DX is found. You require sleep to assist your body in the healing process and to improve functioning. When we can't sleep our pain (and all that goes with it)  become worse which inhibits our sleep  - which makes the pain worse - which inhibits or sleep - round and round we go, it becomes a vicious cycle.   I often use a product called Therma-Care. There are several selection - I buy the one for the back. It can go any where in your back area and provides penetrating heat for 12 hours. No smelly rubs. I was suspicious but pleasantly surprised - it helps ease my back pain and I rest better. I think it may be  worth a try. Please keep searching for answers to your pain - and let us know how you are doing. Other members should stop by to offer suggestions - and Phil knows the anatomy of the spine extremely well. I'll look forward to hearing from you. Best Wishes, ~Tuck
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