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i,been having pain in my back and my side the  right side and it move to the front under my breast it feel like a ball moving back in fourth

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Movement may refer to: Movement (clockwork), the internal mechanism of a timepiece; Movement (sign language), the direction and nature of the movement of the hands ...
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Involuntary healing movement with chiari malformation?

  Well when I began reading I had no idea what u referring to, then it hit a ton of bricks....I have had this pain that I have been getting post op, and feel it is due to my tethered cord or EDS DX's....not sure which one, but they are related to Chiari so not the issue here, but when I have this pain , I found myself walking around and I felt better while I was walking around in circles....then when I could not get up with this pain found I was kicking my legs as if I were walking....strange how we move trying to alleviate pain pretty much instinctively....however, I required pain meds as it did not take my pain away, only took my attention away from the pain as I feel I was concentrating on the movement..almost a meditative type of thing....the brain works in ways I can't explain, and that is how I felt was going on with me....not sure if u agree with ur situation since u feel ur pain got better just with the movement.
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Does anyone ever get radid heart rate after laying down for extended time or before bowel movement?

A rapid heart rate is called tracycardia, I would suggest you repost this question in the heart rate forum....there is a wealth of information on this, we all get rapid heart rates from time to time , try the other forum, resurch it and decide if you think you need to see your doctor, if you do all these things and are certain your problem is due to anxiety then by all means come on back here and repost.  Good luck !!!
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Help for a friend

I have ADD and ironically depression/bipolar. I don't think that is the best combination and shouldn't be taken at the same time, for example Valium and Adderall. I do take adderall and a benzodiazepine (Valium) both, just not at the same time. For the longest time I was on a medication for bipolar disorder, but wasn't diagnosed with ADD until after I graduated. Had I'd known I had ADD I probably would have been more enthusiastic and not hated school so much. I think he should go see another doctor to get another opinion. If a person has Depression/Bipolar, there is a good possibility they also have ADD or ADHD. Maybe a psychologist would be a  good starting point. There are some great resources on the internet about the relationship with the two. I hope this makes some sense and helps a little!
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well shes not really that old yet but my son only poops once every 3-4 days and the doctor said thats normal. like right when their born they poop constantly but then after awhile..not so much. i was worried about his poop and i called and just spoke to someone over the phone about it becuas it was a simple question. he was around 7 weeks when i noticed a drop in the amount of poops.
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Anyone who has a child scared to make a bowel movement and holds it in

Ugh, sorry your daughter has this issue.  My son has had various issues over the years.  He has similar things as what you describe your daughter has and the problem for him was constipation.  He went on a regular basis but was actually constipated so it was hard for him and hurt.  He didn't like to go.  Then he stopped going and that was a trip to the ER where we learned he had so much fecal matter in his bowel that it was working as a blockage.  He had an enema to remove the impaction.  Poor guy.  The suggestion which really did work for us was to work on his diet and liquids.  He was told to drink at least 1 cup of grape juice daily and to eat fresh fruit often.  That grape juice really did a good job.  We have a neighbor that had their son eat baby food prunes calling it "purple pudding" and that worked for him. Another key is to make sure they are drinking lots of water as well and doing lots of physical activity which helps keep it all moving.   I wouldn't go to laxatives just yet.  Try the juice first.  And do talk to your doctor about it.  I'd never have classified my son as constipated but the pattern my son had is ONE of the patterns that constipation will follow which isn't how we classically think of it.  good luck
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Tailbone Pain

In my clinical practice, I found that serious soft tissue damage of buttocks or thigh  roots often with tail bone pain, when the soft tissue damage  been cured, the tail bone pain go away. This tells you an information:the tail bone pain is due to the roots of the hip and thigh soft tissue damage ,It caused by conduction pain, The tail bone is not the problem itself, so, you can understand why you in the stool, there are some symptoms, It is soft tissue damage to stimulate intestinal results. Therefore, double-check your hips and thighs roots, whether there is a sensitive area, it is also the location of soft tissue damage, and then, the treatment it. Good luck! Zak
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near syncope

Go to and order your own tests. From what I know about gluten. If you are allergic, a low gluten diet won't cut it! Any amount of gluten causes a reaction and it takes a long time for it to clear out of your system. Even after the gluten is gone your body keeps on producing anti-bodies and T-cells to it for a years.
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Slight Cerebral Palsy

I realize, of course, that my problems seem minimal to a lot of people on this forum/board.  I was just wondering if anyone had any input on this subject?  ....I'm beginning to think "not"; which is understandable.  Well, I did notice that other people posted subjects on this forum about themselves even though those subject may not seem as debilitating. Dormguard
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No bowel movements at 15 years old.

This sounds like encopresis.  I don't know much about it myself, but have discussed it with other mums.  From what they said, once you have had encopresis, it can take months or up to a year of taking medication to stop the blockage again, because the bowel gets stretched and unresponsive, so the medication keeps the stools soft and passable.  So, it would be worth having an appointment with his paediatrician (one who has experience of aspergers and asds), and talk to her about how to approach this long term, rather that short bowel flushing solutions. Also does he have problems with using the toilet at all.  Does he go to the toilet at school or would he wait all day and then go only at home.  Sometimes if you go past the urge, you can lose the urge altogether.
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Do I have colon cancer?

What is the difference in the stages of colon cancer? As colon cancer progresses from Stage 0 to Stage IV, the cancer cells grow through the layers of the colon wall and spread to lymph nodes and other organs. Stage 0 (Carcinoma in Situ) In stage 0, abnormal cells are found in the innermost lining of the colon. These abnormal cells may become cancer and spread into nearby normal tissue. Stage 0 is also called carcinoma in situ. Stage I In stage I, cancer has formed and spread beyond the innermost tissue layer of the colon wall to the middle layers. Stage I colon cancer is sometimes called Dukes A colon cancer. Stage II Stage II colon cancer is divided into stage IIA and stage IIB. Stage IIA: Cancer has spread beyond the middle tissue layers of the colon wall or has spread to nearby tissues around the colon or rectum. Stage IIB: Cancer has spread beyond the colon wall into nearby organs and/or through the peritoneum. Stage II colon cancer is sometimes called Dukes B colon cancer. Stage III Stage III colon cancer is divided into stage IIIA, stage IIIB, and stage IIIC. Stage IIIA: Cancer has spread from the innermost tissue layer of the colon wall to the middle layers and has spread to as many as 3 lymph nodes. Stage IIIB: Cancer has spread to as many as 3 nearby lymph nodes and has spread: beyond the middle tissue layers of the colon wall; or to nearby tissues around the colon or rectum; or beyond the colon wall into nearby organs and/or through the peritoneum. Stage IIIC: Cancer has spread to 4 or more nearby lymph nodes and has spread: to or beyond the middle tissue layers of the colon wall; or to nearby tissues around the colon or rectum; or to nearby organs and/or through the peritoneum. Stage III colon cancer is sometimes called Dukes C colon cancer. Stage IV In stage IV, cancer may have spread to nearby lymph nodes and has spread to other parts of the body, such as the liver or lungs. Stage IV colon cancer is sometimes called Dukes D colon cancer.
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