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Spine degeneration normal for 20 year old?

Hi, everyone. My MRI of my lower spine shows degenerated discs at L2/L3 level with a Schmorls node. I am 20 years old and have suffered this back pain and leg pain/sensations for three years now. I first started having it after I got really ill with some sort of virus at 17. Since then I've never recovered from the bad back and leg problems. I'm not sure completely why I have it and every doctor I've been to see, including spine specialists don't think there is anything wrong - they say that basically having degenerated discs is normal for a young person! I would be gratefu

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Is 20 Years Old Too Young for Spine ... we will answer the question of whether 20 years old is ... A younger patient may not have degenerative discs in the spine, ...
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How to manage degenerative disk disease in a 21 year old ... then on return slowly to normal ... exam to know what happens with the spinal cord of that 21 years old ...
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Degenerative disc disease refers to the deterioration of the soft, ... This is mostly because of wear from a lifetime of normal activity, ... Spine Degeneration;
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Spine degeneration normal for 20 year old?

Hi, I also have back issues...DDD...u name it.I am 49 and thought I was young for this dx when I first got it ! Were u active in sports?.....the Schmorls node along with the DDD is from age and if u were very active in sports it could be better explained. Also did u have MRI's of ur cervical spine as well? I was just wondering if u had something else going on, and that could be the source of ur discomfort. I imagine u were to NS for this dx?....if not u may want to see one and have them review ur MRI ' u have copies on disk along with copies of ur reports? Good luck Godspeed "selma"
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New Pain After ACDF

I can relate completely to your dread of going through this all over again. Been there, done that. I've had 2 of these procedures. You should really get in and have an MRI done and see what's going on. Take Care
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11 year old MRI normal but has symptoms

  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. I am so sorry to hear that ur DD has had one surgery already in her young life and may be facing yet another...and how frustrated u are by the void of help for her. It is good they looked for tethered cord, but they should rule out syringomyelia, disk issues, ehlers-danlos, ICP, POTS, sleep apnea.... AS for a Dr it can be a very trying experience, as not that many are well informed or experienced with Chiari and related conditions, so we encourage u to research Drs on a list to find one that is right for u and ur DD. Not all Drs on this list may be true Chiari specialists, but have treated a member here and the member added the name as they were pleased with the do research as the list is not a referral nor an endorsement.
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Do i need a surgery based on my MRI report?

The significant impingement of the left L5 nerve root in the lateral recess, is probably what your Surgeon is referring to. How bad is your pain, I asume you have pretty severe pain pain down the left leg. Whatever you do, DEFINITELY get a 2nd opinion from another Surgeon. Take Care
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Have you ever thought about seeing a counselor?  Ask your doctor for a referral to someone who you can speak to about your concerns and the problems you are having. Concern about ones health can become excessive with anxiety disorder but also after experiencing a serious health problem. Speak to your parents or guardian about doing this. Let us know how you make out.
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Help understanding Mri results please?

Hi Mack, Do not try to understand the report on your own. It sounds like you have sustained some trauma to your spine in the past. I have to assume you are athletic and perhaps had some sport injuries. Or you are a tanker or helicopter crew member who has seen a few hard vertical seat smashers. Depending on where you are stationed, you are likely going to get to see a Dr on post again sometime in January. Unless you already have a chiropractor referral. If you do, calm and see if they can get you in today or tomorrow. Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column. It is caused by those shifted discs. That narrowing can cause pain. "Neural foramina are widely patent" means all is well. "Levocurvature of the thoracic spine" means you have a slight leftward curvature of the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine starts at the bump on your neck and goes down to where your lumbar curves in towards your belly. The surgical note means that should you begin to exhibit constant pain, surgical intervention may be necessary. Mack, I hate to tell you this, but you're not straight. Well, at least your back isn't. :D You are about to get out of PT for a while. I just hope you are not in flight school. You may have to sit out a rotation if you are currentry hurting. Or perhaps a good chiropractor and some physical therapy can get you through to the end. Then you can consider the therapy. Good luck and thanks for helping take care of our country. Army Aviator's Brat
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Juvenile Arthitis

Hi my son had similar pains starting around 3.  He had many test which came back normal. Rhemy said that it was growing pains and we were not happy with that, but he lived with it.  We used heating pads and arthritis creams.  Now at 12 he is complaint of more aches and pains and we are beginning  the process again for arthritis.  These issues has been ongoing with him through the years.  I hope u find answers.
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Any positive results on tethered cord surgery?

Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. Yes, TC is one of the surgeries along with a chairi decompression that may need to be repeated. Scar tissue is one culprit that can create the need for both surgeries..... As with most surgeries it is not a quick fix, there is a period of pain.....but, I do know  a few where this has been very helpful in fact one had TC release and her chiari herniation shrunk! I imagine u r having many bladder issues that u r having this done first?...or the dr feels ur chiari is a result of the TC? May we ask who ur dr is?,....where u r having this is one of the next things I need as I am interested to see who is doing them. Glad to have u as part of our little family here, sorry for the reason u had to seek us out. "selma"
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what does this mean

Hi...not being a Dr I can not tell u too much either, but I can tell u from experience that if u were in a MVA and have loss of the curve to the cervical lordosis it could be whip lash. The muscles can twist and pull the lordosis to a straight position and many times PT can be successful for this. Some of the other issues mentioned could be a result of the MVA and/or can be the result of natural aging.....I would venture at ur age most of this is from the accident, but I had some disk issues at about ur age as well, but I also was in a MVA...... Talk with ur dr and post an update : )    "selma"
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