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neck,shoulder and arm pain

I have pain in my neck, right shoulder blade area and my right arm. The pain is different depending on what I am doing. When lowering my head to get in my car or just moving up and down, the pain is in my neck. Sitting in bed it is in my shoulder and arm and sometimes my arm will have a slight numbing sensation. Coughing and sneezing, there is shooting pains through all three. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? To ease the pain where it is tolerable, I must take 1000mg of ibuprofen. I have been to my doctor once already and I don't think he took me to seriously about th

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Pinched Nerve or?

It sounds like you have had a lot of cardiac work up and no orthopedic consideration?A simple, sit in a chair and the DR. does an axial loading test, would be extremely informative. Get a neck x-ray.Yes, consistent pain will raise your blood pressure. So will stress.Also, it could be anxiety issues, it could even be work ergonomics. (do you work at a desk?)Muscle tension, in the neck and shoulders, can easily cause what you're describing.
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severe neck/right shoulder/entire arm pain/ numbness in index finger and thumb

Definitely sounds like a pinched nerve in your neck. Been through it myself. Go see a Doctor and have an X-ray or MRI so that you can find out exactly what's going on. Please don't let the Chiro do anymore adjustments until you find out what the problem is, It could be dangerous.
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Upper right arm pain (please help)

you may have 2 different issues going on and one way to help distinguish this is to stop the PSP for at least several weeks and see what pain remains.  It could be simply an overuse problem because of the PSP.  The other possibilities include tendonitis/bursitis of shoulder, cervical disc disease or nerve impingement.  You also might try some type of NSAID, even aspirin - or try some Advil on a regular schedule.....Tylenol is more of a pain reliever than an anitinflammatory and you may need the antinflammatory as a way of reducing the pain.  Since you have a month to go, you should be able to help yourself further define the issue.
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Shoulder, neck and arm has been hurting for almost 4 months and doctors can't find what is wrong.

I hate to say it but your last comment is correct. W.C. is very hard to deal with. many of us know that. They are not there for you, they are hired to get you to go back to work. You need to get a copy of your EMG(nerve test) and your MRI'S. They love to tell you there is nothing wrong. I am not sure about your state but here in mine I was allowed to change my doctors one time. I had one doctor who told me there was nothing wrong with my neck either even when I felt something pop in it and could not move my head. He sent me back to work like that. I have several discs in my neck that are either bulging or herniated. Ask to have a copy of everytning sent to your family doctor to see. You may have to pay for that visit since it is a work related injury and most insurances will not cover it and W.C. will probably not cover a family doctor visit. At least your family doctor does not work for W.C. W.C. is there to do the least amount as possible. If he is keeping you out of work apparently he sees something wrong but does not want to tell you what it is. You may have to get a lawyer to get some results. I was always put on light duty even though there is no such thing and I was pretty messed up. I was in alot of pain between my low back and my neck. I can relate to arm pain though. I had it so severe for a few weeks and they did nothing to help me. I had 2 trips to the er. On etime they said it was my shoulder and then another the doc asked if I had hurt my neck. He said it was nerve pain. It took a few weeks to finally ease up. Can you put your arm in a sling? If you do not have one I used a towel and kept my arm supported in that. they finally gave me a sling to help relax my arm because it was useless with the pain. I could not move it. Good luck. Motrin did help for the inflamation but you have to make sure you take it with food. Ask for another doctor and get a copy of your reports. You have every right to have a copy of them so do not let them tell you different. If they refuse to give you a copy tell them you will get a lawyer and he will get the copies for you. Best of luck. Keep us posted as to how you are making out. Did you try a warm heating pad on your neck and shoulder area. Sometimes that works for me. There is also a good webite for workers compensation. It goes by all the is www workerscompensationinsurance *******. they have forums there where you can get info about the guidelines for your state and talk to other people who may be able to help you out. I would check that out aslo. Please get a copy of all your reports. Chadry
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