Freebies and choices for an online business

If you have some freebies that you can share to your customers, show that you really have it and explain it at the bottom of your ad. Make sure the free words are clearly visible in the eyes of visitors. That is so that visitors immediately visit your website. Because free products are still a good attraction to attract visitors. Who tries to not get goods for free? On the other hand, if you need a recommended way of increasing the traffic on your website, trying the Craigslist Posting Service can be a good idea.


In addition, the lack of booking options and payments is a bad thing. You don’t provide many booking options and payments to visitors. As much as possible make it easy for visitors in the order process. Make as many choices as possible for ordering and payment. For example, accept payment via credit card, check, bank transfer, or cash. In addition, accept orders not only by email, but also by telephone, SMS, and instant messenger.